Training programme for polygraph examiners and experts training in Ukrainian Polygraph Association (UPA) is one-of-the-kind since in this training you acquire all the necessary knowledge of classical, contemporary and authorial methodology as well as operation skills with polygraph machines RUBICON, LAFAYETTE, AXCITON and KRIS.


Polygraphers training courses in UPA will equip you with the most effective methods in lie-detection and operating the polygraph. Practical skills of work with the polygraphs RUBICON, LAFAYETTE, AXCITON and KRIS will enable you to conduct polygraph examination.


Graduates of the polygraphers training courses receive the State-recognized Certificate.


Keep in mind that any polygraphers training obtained in private companies or from individuals does not guarantee the acquisition of essential knowledge, competence and skills. Any paper certifying such kind of training will not serve you in the court to defend your rights, neither will it help you with a demanding client.


You can become a polygraph examiner regardless your citizenship if you have high education and strong will.


For further information about polygraphers training you should contact our manager.

The training course consists of two parts: theory (30 days) and practice (6 months).

The training group is compiled every three months.


In the sphere of instrumental lie-detection particular attention has always been paid to efficiency of the specialists who operate a computer appliance called “Polygraph”.



As you would never trust your health to a self-educated doctor, so you would never rely on testing and findings carried by a person who has read, heard, discussed and tried a lot but has never done appropriate training in instrumental lie-detection.


The most expensive and brand new polygraph is unable to make up the lack of specifics awareness and interpretation skills in polygraph examination even by 10%. You ought to keep in mind that the conclusion about the information reliability is compiled by a polygraph examiner, never by a computer.


Ukrainian Polygraph Association pays exclusive attention to training of qualified specialists in polygraph examination, who will be able to work under very difficult circumstances, and whose competence will be reinforced by experience and therefore will exclude the possibility of accusing the innocent.



Nowadays, many of training providers in Ukraine overcharge for training due to high demand in polygraph examination specialists. Just the opposite, we maintain qualified specialists training for a reasonable mid-market fee.


The occupation of a polygraph examiner-expert was included in the National Occupational Classification in Ukraine "ДК 003:2010" with the code “КП 2144.2” in Addition A on 01.11.2010.

Our successfully passed trainees are efficient specialists who have chances to become polygraph expert on the grounds of the received training certificate.


Since June 2015 all the graduates of the polygraphers training courses in UPA have obtained the State-recognized Certificate.


If you are willing to become a polygraph expert, contact Ukrainian Polygraph Association Office in Kiev!


Our advantages

  • training input material is adapted to the audience with different levels of education;
  • polygraphers training course in UPA Office is designed with individual approach in mind;
  • full-time education is facilitated only by school manager, whose qualification is annually confirmed in the Head Office of UPA;
  • combined method (combination of direct and indirect testing) of operating the computer polygraph is trained;
  • guided by work experience in commercial organizations, the trainers teach the peculiarities of plunder and theft investigation;
  • trainees acquire the knowledge of psychology of deception, psychodiagnistic skills and the knowledge of methods allowing to reveal concealed information in unconsciousness;
  • awareness of all known types and means of counteraction to polygraph testing is developed as well as skills of rigorous detection of counteraction signs are formed
  • practical skills are developed to work equally on five types of polygraph machines: RUBICON, LAFAYETTE, AXCITON, KRIS, BARIER


Course type Distance learning Internal full-time learning tutoring price
General course 2 weeks 4 weeks 6 months $2000*
Proficiency course 1 week 1 week 1 month $600*

*- payment in national currency equivalent to the exchange rate at the moment of payment.

Polygraphers training course consists of three parts:


  • Distance learning part  - independent studying of the input course, which allows to realize the main principles and terminology of the future occupation.

  • Internal full-time part  - direct studying of theoretical, methodic and practical material with massive homework to complete. The theory input is delivered by the professional psychologists and psychophysiologists with academic education and scientific degrees. The methodic and practical parts of the course are facilitated by the experts of Ukrainian Polygraph Association. The graduates of the 4-week internal full-time polygraphers training courses are provided with the State-recognized Certificate.


  • Tutorial part  - support for young specialists in all the stages of their polygraph examination conduction. Tutorial support is given by senior polygraph experts of UPA. On successful completion of the practical part of the course the graduates receive the State-recognized Certificate.


Conditions of the polygraph specialists training


  • Small groups of trainees (3-5 people)

  • The venue is in Kiev


Special conditions and tuition discounts


  • 200$ discount on tuition with the purchase of RUBICON polygraph

  • 200$ discount on tuition for law enforcement staff and veterans

  • 200$ discount on tuition for two and more trainees of the same company




Our trainers are top PhDs in psychological sciences in Ukraine


Young polygraph specialists are provided with a leased polygraph machine and the first 10 clients.


Tuition includes reading material and software expenditures.


Graduates of the polygraphers training courses obtain the State-recognized Certificate.


Successfully passed trainees can count on free mentoring during a year


We have already trained over 70 polygraph examiners.


Payment by bank transfer


20% discount for corporate and regular clients

Payment in cash

Web money payment for confidentiality


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