6 reasons why clients choose us

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    We are the experts in polygraph examination and lie-detection. Our main dedications are polygraph examinations and polygraphers training. We do not squander on the minor. Having considerable experience, we are a dab hand at hundreds of examinations. As a result, we are the market leaders. Efficient PhDs and highly experienced polygraph examiners are members of our team.

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    Our team of polygraph examiners respond to the tasks immediately and efficiently. We consider the possibility to conduct the examination in hot pursuit as a chance to increase validity of successful results, return of stolen and solve the crime. So we connected 24 hours a day. We always have free polygraph examiner who is willing to go to you.

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    You pay for the result only. In addition to the polygraph testing services, we manage to find the definite answers to specific questions. Our experience and possibilities conduce to meeting the most demanding requirements of our clients. Our clients, who have scrupulous recruitment approach, are among TV channels, political parties, big and medium business.

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    We exploit only the world best polygraph machines: RUBICON, LAFAYETTE, AXCITON, KRIS. Our polygraph examinations are licensed. With the view of increasing results validity, only our polygraph examiners operate more than one polygraph machine in a single testing.

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    We are flexible in payments and fees since we consider our clients’ possibilities and demands as well as the peculiarities of a specific investigation case. Different ways of payment are available. UPA members are independent in their entrepreneurial activities. Payment confirmation documents are provided. We are sure to find a compromise.

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    We can assure that you can entrust us with private issues of your business activity and your personal life.

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